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I am a husband and father, and trying to be a feminist (my wife and daughters help a lot). I'm a programmer working remotely in the middle of NY. I'm left of liberal and a former Mormon. My hobbies are tech and Ancient Greek. I'm running my own fediverse domain because I couldn't decide where to go. I'm usually a jerk unknowingly, try to be nice otherwise. I'm not tolerant of intolerance.

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god i hope warnock wins so we can spend the next two years figuring how to placate sinema OR manchin instead of sinema AND manchin


There's an easy way for the LDS Church to stop the deluge of negative media about their twelve-figure "rainy day" fortune: just open the books.

Risks to Mastodon with increasing popularity

Interesting comment on Hackernews regarding a possible scenario/long term risk should Mastodon threaten the corporate sphere of social media.

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I think the real danger for the Mastodon/greater Fediverse community is that, should Mastodon really become the "next Twitter", it will catch the attention of the other FAANGs. And the way the Fediverse is structured currently, it appears highly vulnerable to the old Embrace/Extend/Extinguish playbook:

1) Establish a corporate Mastodon server and deeply embed it into your existing platform. ("We love the Fediverse! We love it so much that we've built native support for it into Google mail. That's right! Starting tomorrow, every @gmail address is also a valid Mastodon user! No need to sign up anywhere, you can just follow and toot and boost right from your Gmail app!")

1a) Think influx of a few 1000s of users is bad? How about a billion? [1]

2) Bombard the community with proprietary extensions and attempt to take control of the technical standards. ("We love ActivityPub too! That's why we're planning to add YouTube integration to it! And Google Calendar invites! And Maps locations and advanced emotes and and and... Developers of servers and third-party clients are encouraged to follow our new ActivityPub Extensions living standard. Feedback is encouraged!")
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2a) Non-FAANG server admins or client devs now have the choice between continuously playing catch-up on technical features they have to implement or tolerate that a large part of messages become incomprehensible to non-FAANG users.

3) Pull up the drawbridges. ("While ActivityPub is great, we feel that ultimately it limits the platform's potential and does not meet our standards for privacy and security. Therefore, ActivityPub will be sunset at the end of the year for Third-party clients and servers are invited to implement our web API instead. Just register your server as an app in the API console and apply for a key...")

I think the Fediverse community would do good to think up strategies how to counter EEE takeovers right now, because if at some point Mastodon becomes big enough that there is money or influence to be made by controlling the platform, then someone will try a takeover, sooner or later.

I miss California, but it's nice to have the patter of rain coming in from the window. But it's also really off to have the patter of rain in upstate NY in November. It's 15C outside right now‽

Why is it so hard to write annual reviews for yourself?

> “I’m awesome, even better than last year, gimme money.”

Why isn’t that good enough?

I’m seeing long-time Mastodon folks asking people to please PLEASE use CW on posts about political topics and then I’m seeing almost no one actually do that. It’s so important to keep up with the culture of this space that was established long before many of us got here. Just use the CW!!

When following back people here, I’m noticing a lot of people haven’t posted anything yet.

If you can’t think of anything to write just yet, then do consider just reblogging (=retweeting!) good content that you see around. You could start with this post, for example, to encourage more people to start sharing content around here.

BTW, as we get the Bylines publications going on here, that will provide ample good news content for the community. 👍👍

Anyone else having an issue doing any Google search re: Mastodon?

I’ve done each of the following, both for updating my federation rules and to try to find new communities, and I always only get pages and pages about large, ancient mammals:

  • Mastodon servers I should ignore
  • Biblical Studies Mastodon
  • Ancient Greek Mastodon
  • Exmormon/Mormon Mastodon

‘Cause everyone knows that there were many Mormon Mastodons going two by two and door to door back in the Pleistocene…

Friendly tip friends - whatever you do please do not directly quote tweet or engage to Elon Musk's fascist content. That will only boost his engagement.

Take a screenshot of and then comment on it. This way he gets no boost from his rants.

Birb site

Now that I’ve deleted all but a few hundred and locked my account, it’s bloody hilarious over there. Vicious. But hilarious.

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screenshot of tweet by user @daisyowl. Reads, “maybe he should have tried moderating like, a minecraft discord first”

I'm back!

I mean, I never really left, but I didn’t keep up with the whole ActivityPub thing after a brief push.

I guess this is really the second time I’ve returned to the Fediverse. When the pandemic first started I needed to get my news and turned, like everyone, to social media. I became more active on Facebook than I had been since my disaffection from Mormonism in the early 2010s, but a lot of my activity came from dismay at seeing my friends get taken in by QAnon nonsense.

I turned to the Fediverse to try and escape the insanity, but I was still too addicted to the dopamine of anger and dismay, so you can see that it didn’t last long. I tried to get my Pleroma instance set up in a complicated Facebook => Twitter => Pleroma chain so that I could post once and still feel connected to friends. I might set that back up again soon, but for now it’s been weeks since I’ve been to Facebook and months since I’ve been actively logging in.

I’m excited to see how many people are joining Mastodon. Hopefully, this will be a lasting change. I don’t think it will, however, until someone figures out how to apply an algorithmic feed to your personal ActivityPub graph.

Until then, though, it looks like we might see the fun occurring here at Mastodon increasing, which is good. Even if most people go back to the bird site it’ll be good to inject some new blood, new energy, and most importantly new technical ideas into the Fediverse.

I’m excited!

So we're going to post something every night that you can just enjoy. Nothing heavy.

It might not even be an article. For example, tonight's post is an old YouTube video because their algorithm reminded me today that I enjoy it.

If you have 8 minutes free, please enjoy Neil Patrick Harris' opening number at the 2013 Tony Awards.

Have a great night, everyone!

"It is not given that one man should possess that which is above another, wherefore the world lieth in sin." (Doctrine and Covenants 49:20)

I'm confused: I thought that internet service providers DON'T have "a duty to carry content from other sources without unfair discrimination"? Wasn't that behind the whole "we don't need no net neutrality," that the market would just take care of that and we didn't need to make ISPs public utilities? But now the push is to call services that USE the private, non-utility infrastructure "utilities"? My head is spinning.

Note: I'm not just calling hypocrisy and leaving it at that. I'd _love_ for major tech companies to face _realistic_ and _useful_ regulation to help foster competition and innovation. But if we're not going to do that for Comcast but we _are_ going to do that for Google that's crazy. And let's be 100% honest here: the only reason this is happening is because, by population, the majority of English-speaking Internet users are not Republican (not the same thing as conservative!), so somehow Republicans are surprised and cry foul when search engines and other algorithms derived from the Internet used by the world's population then reflect that actual disparity in the results they return. But I guess I should not be surprised that the same party supporting voting limitations also supports artificially resurrecting the "fairness doctrine" of the 1980s for the Internet that was killed by the administration of their legendary hero, Ronald Reagan (legendary because the actual man and the popular image are nowhere near the same man).

I'm interested in learning more. I know numbers can be purposefully stretched to fit a narrative, but I imagine it must be exhausting to continually see everything that way. Economics that are counterintuitive are fascinating to me both for being counterintuitive as well as watching the efforts of others to restore intuition as a valid metric of study...

Non-Mormon friends: This is Mormon stuff, sorry for the intrusion of oddness on your fees.

Mormon-ish friends: This is genius! Hope it's good for a laugh and provoking some thought. :)

I feel like Arizona doesn't understand what made this scene hilarious...

I'm not fully in agreement with him all the time, but I love this guy's quiet, careful explorations of the current populist movement in US politics.